Our Solutions

Educating, Connecting and Advocating for Independent Doctors

Empowering Independent Doctors for a Stronger Healthcare Future

We believe in the power of collective action. By amplifying united voices, we unlock solutions that are bigger and bolder than anything we could achieve alone. Explore our strategies and projects, that provide an opportunity for everyone to get involved with AID.

Our Solutions

Direct-to-Employer Strategies

Forward-thinking employers and physicians are now collaborating to improve healthcare costs and healthcare delivery for workers. Physicians can expand their practice by offering medical care directly to employees, retirees, and dependents of local employers.

AID offers resources and tools for members to connect with employers and establish a strong online presence to showcase their practice to:

  • Build relationships with key decision-makers
  • Develop a compelling case for your services
  • Negotiate contracts effectively
  • Provide exceptional care to employees
  • Stay informed about direct-to-employer trends

This program is designed to connect our members with employer organizations around the country to build relationships and highlight the benefits of and advocate for the interests of independent doctors.

The goals of the Business Connect Program are to:

  • Increase awareness of independent doctors among business organizations and their members
  • Promote the benefits of using independent doctors
  • Advocate for the interests of independent doctors
  • Develop opportunities for collaboration between independent doctors and business organization employer members
One Voice Project

One Voice Project

The One Voice Project is a comprehensive advocacy program designed to showcase the value and benefits of independent physician practices in the healthcare system. Through One Voice, AID will amplify the collective voice of independent doctors, ensuring that your perspectives and concerns are heard and considered by policymakers at the federal and state levels.

  • Educating policymakers: One Voice educates policymakers about the value and benefits of independent physician practices.

  • Policy Initiatives: One Voice monitors policy initiatives from partner groups that support and promote independent physician practices.

  • Building coalitions: One Voice is building coalitions with other organizations that share our commitment to supporting independent physician practices.

  • Grassroots advocacy: One Voice engages independent physicians in grassroots advocacy efforts to make their voices heard.

Educational Webinars

Our educational webinars are designed to educate independent physician practices on various topics related to running a successful practice. Each course will be led by experts in their field, in a pre-recorded webinar format. This will allow independent physicians from all over the country to participate in the program.

The Webinars courses will offer a variety of topics, including,

  • Marketing and branding for independent physicians
  • Financial management for independent physicians
  • Patient engagement and retention strategies
  • Human resources management for independent physicians
  • Legal and regulatory compliance for independent physicians
Educational Webinars

Benefits of the Virtual Webinars Program
There are many benefits to participating in the AID Webinars program, including:

  • Access to expert-led instruction
  • Convenient virtual format offered a variety of days and times
  • Courses will be recorded so that you can watch them at a later time.
  • Free for AID members.

Annual Conference

The Association of Independent Doctors (AID) is developing an annual conference that will focus on the latest trends in healthcare and how independent doctors can stay ahead of the curve.

The conference features a variety of speakers and breakout sessions on a wide range of topics, including:

  • The future of healthcare policy on independent practice
  • The impact of technology on independent practice
  • How to manage a successful independent practice
  • Strategies for marketing and promoting your practice
  • Opportunity for networking with other independent doctors from across the country.
  • And much more!